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John Miltons Paradise Lost Essay: Allegory of Sin and Death :: Milton Paradise Lost Essays

Allegory of Sin and Death in Paradise Lost  Ã‚     Ã‚  Ã‚   That Milton's Paradise Lost is unsurpassed--and hardly equaled--in English literature is generally accepted by critics and scholars. Whether it may have serious flaws, however, and what they may be, is less certain, for it is here that opinion varies. Of particular interest to some is the allegory of Sin and Death (II. 648-883). Robert C. Fox wonders that it has not been the subject of much more critical discussion, asking "Is it that Milton's readers are puzzled by this episode and, unable to explain its significance, prefer to pass it over in silence? Or do they regard it as so obvious in meaning that no interpretive remarks are necessary?" ("The Allegory" 354). Whatever the answer to Fox's query, his point is well taken; in a survey of the bibliography of the Modern Language Association from 1950-1980, fewer than twenty references specifically devoted to this allegory can be located, and many of these, rather than pursuing the question of its appropriateness and/or it s importance within the total work, simply investigate its tradition and sources.    Merritt Y. Hughes, in referring to those scholars who have commented on the allegory, writes that "for two centuries critics agreed that the step into pure allegory in Sin and Death was a blemish on the poem and an external incrustation. Recently they have been wondering whether it is not a part of the structural irony of the whole design" (177). It is this latter view on which this paper focuses; the allegory is indeed an integral part of the whole of Paradise Lost, not an error of judgment on Milton's part, as some critics believe. It is defensible on two levels, both in terms of structure and in terms of content.    Since it is the presence of allegorical figures--abstractions--in the epic to which some critics object, it is necessary here to discuss both allegory and epic form. Allegory, according to William Flint Thrall and Addison Hibbard, is defined as "an extended metaphor in which objects and persons in a narrative . . . are equated with meanings that lie outside [it]," uses characters that "are usually personifications of abstract qualities, the action and the setting representative of the relationships among these abstractions. Allegory attempts to evoke a dual interest, one in the events, characters, and setting presented, and the other in the ideas they are intended to convey or the significance they bear" (7-8).

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Socioeconomic Profile of Hypothetical Patient

Considering socio economic variable of a patient with diabetes, the priority of the patient should be to participate in healthcare insurance program provided by its employer. The benefit of contributing to such a health plan is cost reduction where patients only pay a deductible or a minimum co–payment. Acquiring such a policy also ensures that a person may also be able to cover family members at significantly less rates than individual private insurance.If the employer doesn’t participate in health insurance program, the only other viable method is to get a private health insurance. Although expansive, the patient will definitely have more choice in selecting the out of network providers and the flexibility of evaluating different plans that provide ample coverage to treat Diabetes. Patients with Diabetes need to keep medical supplies such as test strips, meters and insulin which are mostly covered by the health insurance providers (Health Insurance).Unfortunately, in countries like United States getting a health insurance for diabetic patients is difficult but this should not stop patients from researching other options such as Insurance through employers and getting help from the State. Most States run their own health insurance programs for which a diabetic patient might be eligible. Programs such as COBRA and HIPAA are available in every State. It will be in the best interest of a diabetic patient to consult the American Diabetes Association http://www. diabetes. org which outlines health insurance coverage on a State by State basis.Furthermore, patients can easily get guidelines and education on how to tackle diabetic issues and where to look for information. Payer Type Based on the socio economic conditions of hypothetical patient, it will be in his best interest to enrol in HMO plan. Analysing financial circumstances of the subject, it is evident that he will likely cover his wife and children, who at this stage are not able to enrol in a healthcare plan. In contrast, a PPO plan will likely cost a premium which is not recommended except if it provides assistance to cover diabetic conditions.It should be noticed that most Americans are covered by BlueCross BlueShield, Atena or CIGNA therefore it is important for diabetic patient to compare the coverage of diabetic supplies offered by these companies. Health plans that cover most strips and monitors should be preferred over others. Patients should also be careful while determining whether the diabetic equipment fall under normal prescription or covered under durable equipment supplies (Insurance Coverage). Other conditions such as mail order deliveries and the number of supplies at any one time play an important role in the eventual patient satisfaction with a plan.After evaluating different healthcare programs, Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare, Tufts Associated Health Maintenance Organisation and Health New England may provide the best coverage. Cost & Treatment Comparison Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare program is specifically tailored to meet the requirements of Massachusetts residents. It offers a network of 40,000 pharmacies and access to more than 130 hospitals in the area. The co payment fee is $10 for a visit and $50 for emergency care. The program covers a wide range of drugs and medicines with mail order included.Individuals can include family members for an extra charge. The program offers a diabetes management program with test reminder letters and individual support from a Nurse educator by calling a toll free number (Diabetes Management). For a single person in a family, the cost varies from $350 to $470 based on the socio-economic factors of hypothetical patient. The Tufts Associated Healthcare Maintenance Organisation provides a variety of different HMO plans that are designed to be cost effective.Its Select Network Provider program offers a minimum deductible and covers most outpatient medical care (Health New England). Doctor visits and ot her routine checkups offer affordable co-payment plans. It also offers a Taking Charge Diabetes program for its members that support the doctor-patient partnership to control diabetes and educate on such issues. Cost for individuals starts as low as $324 and climbs up to $450 for HMO select plans. Health New England is also a good choice with plenty of great options.Individuals can enrol in a number of Bronze or Silver health insurance packages which covers a huge number of Drugs and area hospitals (Tufts Health). The benefits are somewhat similar to other two programs whereas its Neighbourhood Health Plan provides a great value for money by charging as low as $265 per month in Bronze Package and $369 in Silver Package. It offers a comprehensive Diabetes Management Program that includes educational material, reminders, and physical as well as virtual grocery store tours to select the perfect sugar free diet. References Diabetes Management. Retrieved March 18, 2009, from Harvard Pilgrim HealthCare Web site: https://www.harvardpilgrim.org/portal/page?_pageid=213,213304&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL Health Insurance Information for People with Diabetes. Retrieved March 17, 2009, from American Diabetes Association Web site: http://www.diabetes.org/advocacy-and-legalresources/healthcare/insurance.jsp Health New England Plans. Retrieved March 18, 2009, from Health NE Web site: http://www.healthnewengland.com/PlanSelector/Compare/compare.html Insurance Coverage Overview. Retrieved March 17, 2009, from Diabetes Control for Life Web site: http://diabetescontrolforlife.com/articles/Monitoring-Insurance-Coverage-Overview-200085 Tufts Health Plan is the Right Choice. Retrieved March 18, 2009, from Tufts Health Plan Web site: http://www.tuftshealthplan.com/enrollnow/pdfs/STANDARDCOMP_0408.pdf   

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How Stress Affects Health - 987 Words

How Stress Affects Health Many health related issues can arise from being stressed out. Often times, stress can be positive, for example, exercise, or activities such as homework or other difficult tasks (Carlson, Eisenstat, and Ziporyn 2004). Although the tension can be stressful, certain tasks are beneficial to the mind or body, which is why it is positive stress. These activities can be stressful to one individual, but relaxing to another (Carlson, Eisenstat, and Ziporyn 2004). Negative stress can be considered as anything that is not good for the body, such as grieving a death, losing a job, divorce, etcetera (Carlson, Eisenstat, and Ziporyn 2004). Both Positive and negative stress can lead to illness. Stress can cause numerous health issues such as obesity, migraines, and heart disease. â€Å"Several studies have supported the affect regulating model of binge eating, which proposes that individuals engage in maladaptive eating behaviors to cope with negative emotions or stressf ul situations experienced prior to binge eating† (Bello, Yeh, Verpeut, and Walters 1). Often times, stress can lead to binge eating, which over a long period of time, can lead to obesity. This can happen because binge eating is connected to being unaware of how much and what foods are being consumed (Bello, Yeh, Verpeut, and Walters 1). In view of the fact that sugars and fatty foods have positive effects on reducing stress, binge eating foods are usually desserts (Bello, Yeh, Verpeut, and WaltersShow MoreRelatedHow Stress Affects Physical Health1288 Words   |  6 PagesHow to relieve stress physically amp; How Stress Affects Physical Health People are increasingly facing more stress since the Human-Being society became developed and complicated, by ignoring the physical influence to our body, Human’s health suffered considerably from stress. Many people was suggested to solve the stress problem by using psychological approaches, however, the research in recent decades has identified a significant awareness gap between the benefits of physical activities and stressRead MoreHow Stress Affects Our Health937 Words   |  4 PagesStress, it is one of the most common topics discussed between friends, family and co-workers. Most of us understand that stress can affect our health. But do you really understand how stress, if left unchecked, but cause issues with your mind and even your body? When you are finished reading this paper, my goal is for you, the reader, to have a better, more clear understanding of how stress affects the body and mind, and how to manage your stress so your can reduce these affects. Read MoreHow Stress Affects The Body Health1838 Words   |  8 Pagesfamily? Or some good stress for example is a job promotion, buying a new house, and getting married. Stress can also affect the body health for example it can lead to cancer and cardiovascular disorders. All the stress the person can’t let go will hold on to the person in some form of guilt or regret and they will think about it over and over again and make scenarios in their head. When people are mostly stressed they usually drink alcohol or smoke tobacco to release stress and forget things forRead MoreSocial Disparities Within A Family Essay1637 Words   |  7 Pageswithin a family can affect the way a family functions along with affecting the individual. The affect on the children within the at-risk families can have a detrimental effect on their current health status as well as their future. This paper will discuss the characteristics in the creation of social disparity, the relationship of theories to individuals and families experiencing social disparity, the theory which best applies, a plan to combat social disparities in family health, how the interventionsRead MoreEssay on Coping with Stress at Work1593 Words   |  7 PagesStress at Work There are many jobs in the world and many professionals carrying them out. Every worker has a task to complete and it isn’t always easy. Jobs can demand a lot and specific deadlines of when things need to be done. Some jobs require workers to have more than just one responsibility. Meeting deadlines and being responsible of other tasks can be a bit stressing at times. Stress is not only at home but it is also suffered in jobs, some more than others. Many workers experience job stressRead MoreStress And Health : Can Stress Affect A Person s Health? Essay1567 Words   |  7 Pages Stress and Health Can stress affect a person’s health? It’s a very good question. There have been a lot of studies done on the effects of stress on health. Stress comes in so many forms and can affect people differently. Some short-term types of stresses can actually benefit the immune system while other long-term types of stresses can be detrimental to it. The long-term types of stresses are what will be focused on. Learning how to deal with stress in better ways can help prevent the damageRead MoreThe Relationship Between Stress And The Effect Of A College Student s Health1357 Words   |  6 PagesAbstract The following is an experimental proposal that exams the relationship between stress and the effect of a college student’s health. The following hypotheses for the study is that stress does affect an individual’s health. The study consisted of thirty college students (n=30) in total, fifteen of these students (participants) were assigned a control group while the remaining fifteen students were put in an experimental group. The researchers recorded the results of each college student’sRead MoreStress And Its Effect On The Body, Mind, And Spirit853 Words   |  4 PagesStress affects everyone at some point. Generally, stress affects an individual in numerous ways including physical manifestations of stress such as pain or illness. The way in which a person responds to stress depends on varying factors, but no two people experience stress in the same way. Treat stress holistically due to its impact on the body, mind, and spirit. A wellness coach is a great asset in learning to cope with stress through modifications in lifestyle and behavior as well as differentRead MoreThe Effects Of Stress On Health And Stress1084 Words   |  5 Pages The Effects of Stress The effects of stress are varying to all. Stress comes in all sizes, shapes, colors, durations and temperaments. Stress shows its face physically, emotionally, and mentally. Stress can last for a moment or linger around for a life-time. Stress can appear as early as childhood, adolescence, or perhaps not until years after becoming an adult. Stress shows its face in the tiniest fashions or in the boldest statements. It can be big or small, positive or negative, quickRead MoreStress : How Is It Affecting You739 Words   |  3 PagesMarysa Knudsen Mr. Hisner English 111 8 September 2016 Stress: How is it Affecting You Many of us are familiar with the word stress. And for most of the billions of people who live on earth there is a time or a place that we associate with stress. For you it could be school or a job or a death in the family or certain responsibilities. No matter the cause stress can affect you in two different ways: positively or negatively. Stress begins with the brain releasing the hormone CRH. The CRH tells

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The Impacts of Oil Spills on Marine and Terrestrial...

Buy custom Impacts of Oil Spills on Marine and Terrestrial Ecosystems essay In this paper am going to examine the factors contributing to oil spills, and their effects on marine and terrestrial ecosystems. This addition of phytoplankton leads to depletion of oxygen levels in water, making it hard for survival of animal and plant population in the water. These oil spills do not only affect the marine system but also the chronic urban contamination and the economic loss. The oil spill has total effect on marine life despite the distance from the oil spill. The closer the oil spill is to the shoreline, the more damage it causes. The effects are also felt toward the offshore and the coastal environment. Oil spill is an accidental or†¦show more content†¦The intoxication damages the kidney and lowers the ability to produce red blood cells in polar bears. Whales are rarely affected by oil spills as they are always on migration. Baleen whales are the only whales affected as oil stick to the whales when they are filtering their feed. They take a large amount of water in order to select their catch. A dolphin is a smooth-skinned and hairless mammal. Therefore, there is less possibility of oil sticking to their skins. In this case, the dolphins are affected by the inhalation of oil vapor. The inhalation damages the dolphins’ airways and lungs. The other minor effect is the dolphins’ eyesight and unending stress. Manatees and dugong are found in areas with warm waters; also depend on a layer of blubber for insulation. Their effect by oil spills is similar to that of the dolphins. Oil spills damages the turtle airways when they surface on top of water contaminated by oil slick. Their feed is affected also affected by oil spills and thus poisons the turtles. The areas that the turtles nest in the beaches are sandy. Oil contamination on the nesting sites leads to contamination of the eggs inhibiting proper development. Fish, one of the largest populations in the marine life ingest oil through their gills. This ingestion often leads to enlargement of the liver and reproduction capacity. In the Gulf of Mexico, there is an alarming rate at which the fish are dying due to theShow MoreRelatedHuman Health Risks And Socio Economic Problems Associated With Petroleum Exploration And Production Activities Essay1315 Words   |  6 Pages2.2.4 ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES, HUMAN HEALTH RISKS AND SOCIO-ECONOMIC PROBLEMS ASSOCIATED WITH PETROLEUM EXPLORATION AND PRODUCTION ACTIVITIES Petroleum E P Activities are characterized by all forms of environmental impacts at different levels of its operations ranging from exploration, development and production, transportation and distribution, marketing, decommissioning and rehabilitation. At the exploration phase, there are the disturbances of forest and ground surface from related activitiesRead MoreThe Effects Of Deep Sea Mining On Earth1236 Words   |  5 Pageshabitat on Earth and has become an environmental risk with the impacts of deep sea mining have been enormous and unavoidable because of the seabed habitat degradation around vast ocean areas, species extinctions, condensed habitat complexity have become slow and with the insertion of recovery, suspended sediment plume and toxic plume from the surface of ore dewatering, pelagic ecosystem impacts, undersea noise, and ore and oil spill in transport. When deep sea mining the primary problem is whenRead MoreThe Effects Of Soil Contamination On The Environment1144 Words   |  5 Pagesstorage for crude oils can become detrimental to the environment if not properly handled. Starting from marine spills, to leakage of underground storage tanks, these anthropogenic activities intoxicate soil and water bodies impacting both terrestrial and aquatic life. However, through a natural process called bioremediation, microbes are able to degrade toxic pollutants and even result in the complete restoration of contaminated sites. This paper will focus mainly on bioremediation of oil-contaminatedRead MoreKeystone Pipeline Xl Project : The Second Largest Oil Reserves1597 Words   |  7 Pageslargest oil reserves and is a major producer and exporter. This attribute comes with great demand for faster means to get the oil produced to different areas where it is needed. The Keystone Pipeline XL project is however one of such means, created to trans port oil from Alberta, Canada and the Bakken Shale Formation in the United States to Steele City, Nebraska for onward delivery to Cushing, Oklahoma, and refineries in the Gulf Coast area. The United States is the world’s top crude oil consumerRead MoreWater Pollution And Its Effects On The Environment1556 Words   |  7 Pages You see a sewer or pipe line dumping wastewater or sewage into a river, lake, or ocean. Ask yourself this question: would you drink from that water source? You see a sea otter or a seal swimming in water that has been contaminated by oil from an oil spill. Ask yourself another question: would you live in these waters? You see what you know as acid rain directly pounding onto a stream, lake or river. Ask yourself a final question would you eat the vegetation or the fish that directly come into contactRead MoreThe Endangered Species Act By President Richard Nixon1461 Words   |  6 Pagesclassifying organisms into specific species. A species is defined as a group of organisms that consist of similar individuals that are competent of exchanging genes through interbreeding. Scientists estimate that there are roughly 6.5 million terrestrial species and 2.2 aquatic species living on planet Earth. The naming of a specific organism becomes crucial when dealing with those who are endanger ed because of the Endangered Species Act. This act allows organisms to obtain special protectionsRead MoreThe Effects Of Ocean Pollution On The Ocean1204 Words   |  5 PagesMonsters- Destroying What Sustains Us Some think of the ocean as a place of peace, or a getaway from our busy lives. Others think of it as where two worlds, aquatic and terrestrial, collide. No matter what you think of the ocean, it has sustained us for as long as we could possibly remember, and provided us with life. The ocean has provided everything we need to survive, and to repay it, we decided to destroy it. We have become monsters, demolishing what matters to us most. Over the past few decadesRead MoreThe Causes Of Marine Life Extinction2073 Words   |  9 PagesThe Causes of Marine Life Extinction Does anyone realize that more than 90 percent of all organisms that have ever lived on Earth are extinct? According to Avaneesh Pandey, the author of â€Å"Humans Pushing Marine Life toward ‘Major Extinction’†,nearly 10,000 species become extinct each year, and this rate is estimated to be 1,000 times higher than the natural extinction rate (1). Human beingsare causing irreversible damage to the oceans and their wildlife, which is being led bytwo major reasons: commercialRead MoreBiodiversity. Biodiversity Is The Variability Among Living1684 Words   |  7 Pagessources including terrestrial, marine and other aquatic ecosystems. This includes diversity within species, between species, and ecosystems. The three main aspects of biodiversity include genetic diversity, species diversity, and ecosystem diversity. Biodiversity levels can change over time due to long-term natural processes including habitat loss. The importance of biodiversity is vital to all life on earth, determining extinction, evolution, and the fate of our planet’s ecosystems. Genetic diversityRead More Impact of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill on USA’s Environment and Economy1919 Words   |  8 PagesDepleting reserves, high oil prices and spectacular offshore discoveries concentrated a global attention to deep water (National Geographic, p.3). Joel and Bourne (2010) claim â€Å"the Gulf of Mexico now accounts for 30 percent of U.S. production, with half of that coming from deep water (1,000 to 4,999 feet)†. The U.S. government roughly calculated that the deep Gulf might contain 45 billion barrels of oil (NG, p.44). Hence, this fact gave new reasons for oil companies to drill oil wells in that region

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Strategic Planning Strategic Management - 1707 Words

1. How do you conduct your strategic planning? Strategic planning is a joint endeavor that involves field operations, headquarters and mission support. The agency’s strategic planning practices entail brainstorming new ideas, implementing innovations and reflecting on past practices in developing action plans to improve daily functions, upcoming operations and immediate response actions to crisis situations. The operational plan or warning order provides mission critical information regarding equipment, personnel and objective, it also denotes the time frame to fulfill mission requirements. The agency’s human capital strategy is based on comprehensive research methods to identify activities and operating costs which are key in driving risk mitigation factors. 2. How does your strategy development process stimulate and incorporate innovation? This is achieved through strategic planning to enhance the current workforce by providing a supportive environment through improved initiatives and advanced training. This development of innovative methods insures uniformity and sustainability in joint endeavors. The focus on operational effectiveness through strategic planning merges preexisting assets that are readily available, therefore stimulating innovation. The Strategic Human Capital Plan (SHCP) establishes criteria for sustainability through innovative thought process. Innovation provides new ideas and or concepts in developing a more proficient and effective plan.Show MoreRelatedStrategic Management : Strategic Planning986 Words   |  4 Pagesit comes to strategic management many defined it as the management that link strategic planning decision-making. It is sometimes over looked unless it is specifically brought up when it comes up i n strategic planning. With this management in place an organization can achieve its long-term goals. As well as plan out its future goals and endeavors for the organization to be successful. Strategy itself has many forms and levels as well; it is broken down into smaller parts of planning. For strategyRead MoreStrategic Management : Strategic Planning847 Words   |  4 PagesHunger and Wheelen (2011) noted that strategic management has been defined as the set of managerial decisions and actions for determining the long run future of the organization. Here, the set of decisions and actions includes internal and external environmental scanning, strategic formulation (strategic planning), strategy implementation, and evaluation control at all three levels. However, it has learned that origin of business strategy or, strategic management discipline was started after the secondRead MoreStrategic Management : Strategic Planning1929 Words   |  8 PagesStrategic management is the pr ocess of selecting the organization s goals, mossion and ways to achieve them. It is vital for any business venture to establish and implement strategy for its prosperous development, efficient functioning and success in the future. Strategic planning provides the basis for all management decisions. Otherwise, without a clear strategy, an organisation could face difficulties in achieving its mission, as every business venture requires an elaborate approach, skilfulRead MoreStrategic Management : Strategic Planning1460 Words   |  6 Pagesit comes to strategic management many defined it as the management that link strategic planning decision-making. It is sometimes over looked unless it is specifically brought up when it comes up in strategic planning. With this management in place an organization can achieve its long-term goals. As well as plan out its future goals and endeavors for the organization to be successful. Strategy itself has many forms and levels as well; it is broken down into smaller parts of planning. For strategyRead MoreStrategic Management : Strategic Planning3081 Words   |  13 PagesIntroduction Strategic planning in business management is a highly important portion of management as it involves development of plans to ensure growth, success, and above all else, profit. If not analysed correctly a poorly formed strategic plan can result in reduced profit margins. When analysing strategic planning as a discipline, there theorists which develop frameworks to assist managers in how to develop a strategic plan. Of these, Porter’s Five Forces Framework (5FM) is among the most influentialRead MoreStrategic Planning And Strategic Management Essay2359 Words   |  10 Pagesthe overall strategic management process. According to Abraham (2012), â€Å"Strategic management is nothing less than steering and managing a company to be successful over time—not just for the next quarter or year, but for the long term.† (sec. 1.1). Many questions will be answered during this process. â€Å"What direction should the company go in, what industry will it compete in, and w hat products or services will be featured?† (Abraham, 2012, sec. 1.1). Strategic planning and strategic implementationRead MoreStrategic Planning And It Management1424 Words   |  6 PagesStrategic planning is the process of determining a companys long-term goals and then identifying the best approach for achieving those goals (Wikipedia). This process aligns strategic planning with overall organization planning by assessing organizational objectives and strategies, setting the organizational mission and mandate, assessing the external environment and setting policies, objectives and strategies (Wikipedia). A study completed in 1999 revealed that less than 40% of US businesses includedRead MoreStrategic Planning As An Effective Tool Of Strategic Management1486 Words   |  6 Pageslook at the processes of strategic planning as an effective tool of strategic management in business organizations. It finds for effective strategic planning it requires top level managersâ€℠¢ to take an active role in defining the strategic direction of the organization. It requires good working relationships between the planning staff, managers, and the top level management team. In creating an environment which recognizes strategic planning as a tool of strategic management, we will review one of theRead MoreStrategic Management and Planning3167 Words   |  13 PagesStrategic Planning and Management Development Throughout the business industry the people who are most associated with the business process has found strategic planning and management development requires constant shifting back and forth between long-run and short-run thinking (Dess and Miller, 5). Planning is a business process that involves one or more people (depending on the type business) whom decide where the business s objectives lie and how to initially accomplish them over a periodRead MoreStrategic Business Management And Planning1532 Words   |  7 PagesStrategic business management and planning Chapter 1 –understanding the role of strategic planning in organisations 1.2 Strategic management is a way of formulating, implementing and evaluating, cross – functional decisions that enable an organisation to achieve its objective. It ensures that employees and other stakeholders are working towards common goals, establishes agreement around intended outcomes/results, and assesses and adjusts the organization s direction in response to a changing

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A Deeper Look into a Piece of Art Essay Sample free essay sample

One of the most famed pictures in the Robert Lehman Collection. this jewel-like representation of the Annunciation is set in an architectural inside constructed harmonizing to a strict system of one-point position. The panel was about surely commissioned as a private devotional image. non as portion of a larger construction. While the individuality of the frequenter is non known. the work was in the celebrated Barberini aggregation in Rome in the 17th century. Jia Jing wreathArt HistoryProfessor BoyceNovember 20. 2012A deeper expression into the all right art of the â€Å" Annunciation†As I walk in the Metropolitan Art Museum. I began to walk around the art gallery that was around me. It was a great country with a roomful of bright and artistic pictures that was created by celebrated creative persons around the universe. But merely one picture got my attending. The picture happens to be the Annunciation by Botticelli. The Botticelli’s The Cestello Annunciation was presented in a jewel-like manner and it is an architectural inside constructed based on a strict system of one-point position. After sing the artistic techniques in the picture. it was clear that the picture demonstrates Botticelli’s manner in conveying together thoughts of Christianity and pagan thoughts which includes mythology and the alterations in art due to the humanitarianism of the Renaissance. Just giving a brief sum-up of celebrated painter Botticel li. Sandro would be sing the most celebrated painter of early Renaissance period. which was the one of the taking painters during his clip in Florence. During his early calling as an creative person Botticelli trained with Filippo Lippi and he learned the daintiness. delicacy and sugariness in which Filippo possessed while adding a stringy energy of draughtsman ship comparable to that of Antonio Pollaiuolo. Foregrounding some of the success in Botticelli’s calling. he produces the Madonnas of half-length or Tondo format. deducing from Filippo Lippi’s theoretical accounts. In add-on to Botticelli’s development in his ain personal artistic manner. he produced portrayals that are with great appeal and admirable in their word pictures of a typically Florentine countenance and prevalent pure profile to frontal and three-quarter positions under Netherland influence. Within Botticelli’s calling. he produced exquisite little figure graduated tables and the extraordinary Primavera in which figures are three-quarter in life size. The primavera is normally supposed to say to hold been painted for the immature Lorenzo di Pierfrancesco de’Medici. but he possessed it before 1495. while on evidences of manner T must hold been painted possibly before Lorenzo was adolescent. In 1481-1482. Botticelli. together with Perugino. Ghilandaio and Cosimo Rosselli. was painting fiting Old and New Testament scenes on the walls of the freshly completed Sstine chapel in Rome. However. by the terminal of the 1490s his manner go more mannered. as in 1489 Cestello Annunciation. with its overdone gestures. with extended figures. The Botticelli’s manner had shifted into utilizing oild glazes and it is instead dry. In contrast to Mantegna. that he devised his ain fables though he is good known in Medicean humanist circles. However. Botticelli did non contrive but he was a masterful illustrate. By looking at the timeline in which Botticelli had progressed in his artistic manners. we can recognize that art can be adapted with different milieus and influences. ( The Oxford Companion to Western Art ) In the picture. the creative person depicts the minute merely after the Archangel reaching and it appears that it is stating the adult female ( which appear to look like virgin marry ) that something bad is traveling to go on. From the facial look of Virgin Mary we can see the defeat and uncertain of her feelings. The Tempera and gold on wood makes the image rea lly peaceable and quiet. While the colourss of the image would be bright. it is light and the colourss make the scene between the Archangel and Virgin Mary Stand out. Merely by looking at the image. there is a batch of empty infinite that is surrounded in the back land. In that manner. we would non pay attending to the background but the tenseness in the scene alternatively. Basically at first glimpse. there is a word picture of pureness and grace on the beautiful oil maestro piece. The two figures of the Archangel and Virgin Mary are close together and it shows a scene of about touching fingers while they try to make for one another but seems like they would neer fall in custodies. The male figure of the archangel would transport a long plume like pen and it would bow down to the Virgin marry and attempts to respectable speak to her. On the other manus. the Virgin Mary seems to be in authorization because she is standing up and looking down at the Archangel. This creates tenseness in the picture while we question the societal differentiation between the two. Looking closely at the Virgin Mary. her eyes would be near. It is about like she is defyi ng the contact from the Archangel and tried to remain off from him. Looking on the left. the Archangel have white wings and there is green-yellowish visible radiation that surrounds him and the ruddy vesture on him show that he is at that place for good intelligence. But the opposition from the Virgin Mary seem like she is incognizant of what is go oning and is unable to accept the Annunciation from the angel. The Annunciation was presented in a jewel-like manner would be set in an architectural inside constructed to a one point position system. which contains one set of parallel lines perpendicular to the image plane and analogue to the land. The panel would hold a private devotional image. non as portion of a larger construction. The work would be in the celebrated Barberini aggregation in Rome in the 17th Lehman Collection. The Annunciation was given by Lehman to his male parent Phillip as a birthday gift. It would be a historical content that shows how people had enjoyed this painting so much because of its alone artistic features. ( Met-museum of Art. Timeline of Art History ) In add-on to the back land of the picture. it creates a smooth and quiet ambiance. There would be a tree and grass while looking closely there would be a tower with a span on the far terminal. It shows that the Archangel has go a long manner to give the Annunciation to Virgin Mary and the importance of the intelligence. The Annunciation would be an of import and yet different event for Virgin Mary because she is incognizant of what to make after hearing the intelligence. Harmonizing to John R. Spencer. with the Christian Church position. Lady day was meant to show the complex theological construct of theological or the Incarnation. It shows life as the Annunciation marks the beginning of the life of Christ and the life of the Virgin. It is of import because the birth of Christ shows how the relish of world and would convey good intelligence to the universe. It demonstrates the cardinal renter of Christianity and with few intellectually concepts lends itself readily to dramatisation or portrayal popularity and verve as an iconographical motive. While the Iconography shows the designation. reading and the description of the content of images and the specific composings and i nside informations in the picture ( Spencer John. R ) In the European Culture. Christianity was fundamentally integrated into it and the life of Christ was understood as an indispensable incarnation of Christian instructions. This is why the scenes of Christ’s life were common in European art and there is more to it. In a society that gives great attending to faith and required spiritual images. creative person performed an indispensable service and had to work with the construction of the tradition. It was necessary to stand for Christ’s life in Italy based on official pattern within the Western church. The scenes in Christ’s would be desirable in churches. painted reredoss. in portable signifier. in illustrated books and little reredoss suited for private usage or aggregation. It was meant to demo the fidelity in communal and single worship. and devotional treatises gave instructions on the use of the image in order to acknowledge how sacred it is. In the fourteenth and 15th centuries. the images held a deeper significance as it traces the narratives of Christ’s life and it was represented in independent easel pictures for spiritual grounds. ( Helibrunn Timeline of Art Histor y ) As clip alteration and new artistic manners emerge. The Annunciation was able to accommodate itself to the altering gustatory sensations in art and divinity. Due to humanitarianism of the Renaissance. rational and humanist art of the fifteenth century Florence would bring forth into new signifiers. Despite the new signifiers of art that was produced at the clip. Annunciation stayed popular and strong influence and new aesthetic arose in Florence towards the beginning of Fifteen Century. Botticelli would be sing the most celebrated painter during the Renaissance period and his artistic manner and attack had impacted spiritual people and society in the manner of looking at art in a new manner. In more than a sense. art has become more than a manner of amusement or avocation but it was similar manner of populating life and seeing the significance behind the picture that would impact the audience as a whole. Art is merely brilliant. Bibliography 1 ) â€Å"Botticelli ( Alessandro di Mariano Filipepi ) : The Lady day( 1975. 1. 74 ) † . In Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History. New York: The Metropolitan Museum of Art. 2000– . hypertext transfer protocol: //www. metmuseum. org/toah/works-of-art/1975. 1. 74 ( June 2008 ) 2 ) Sorabella. Jean. â€Å"Painting the Life of Christ in Medieval and Renaissance Italy† . In Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History. New York: The Metropolitan Museum of Art. 2000– . hypertext transfer protocol: //www. metmuseum. org/toah/hd/chri/hd_chri. htm ( June 2008 ) 3 ) Spencer. John R. â€Å"Spatial Imagery of the Annunciation in Fifteenth Century Florence. † in The Art Bulletin. Vol. 37. No. 4 ( Dec. . 1955 ) . pp. 273-280. Published by: College Art Association. Article Stable Uniform resource locator: hypertext transfer protocol: //www. jstor. org/stable/3047619 4 ) Artist’s Biography: Botticelli ( Italian. Florentine. 1444/45–1510 ) . hypertext transfer protoc ol: //www. oxfordartonline. com/subscriber/article/opr/t118/e347

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Teen Sex Essay free essay sample

Do you know what the consequences for teen sex are? In 2009, 46% of high school students had sexual intercourse and only 38. 9% used a condom. In 2006, an estimated 5,259 people (ages 13-24) were diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. Although only 13% of teens have ever had vaginal sex by age 15, sexual activity is common by the late teen years. By their 19th birthday, seven in 10 teens of both sexes have had intercourse. Being sexually active as a teen is unacceptable. Some important reasons why being sexually active as a teen are teen pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases and not being emotionally prepared. The most important reason why teen sex is unacceptable is that they can get sexually transmitted diseases. There are more than 20 Out of the 12 million cases of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) that occur each year; 3 million or 25% are teenagers. About 13 percent of adolescence ages 13 to 19 contract an STD each year. Babies that are born to teens with STD’s may suffer death or damage as a consequence of the teen having an STD. We will write a custom essay sample on Teen Sex Essay or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Some STD’s like HIV/AIDS are virtually fatal. Human papillomavirus (HPV) infections account for about half of STIs diagnosed among 15–24-year-olds each year. HPV is extremely common, often asymptomatic and generally harmless. However, certain types, if left undetected and untreated, can lead to cervical cancer. The second most important reason why teen sex is unacceptable is that the girl can get pregnant. In the United States, one of every ten births involves a teen mother. According to a September 2006 report by the Guttmacher Institute, three-quarters of a million teens between 15 and 19 become pregnant each year. Teens that become pregnant are less likely to attend college. A sexually active teen that does not use a contraceptive has a 90% chance of becoming pregnant within a year. Even though teenage mothers today are more likely to finish high school or get their GEDs than in the past, pregnant teens are less likely to attend college than teens who do not become pregnant. Nearly a third of pregnant teenagers choose abortion. Out of all teenage pregnancies, 29% are finished by abortion. Out of all teen pregnancies, 57% end in birth, another 14% end in miscarriage. The third most important reason why teen sex is unacceptable is that the teen may not be emotionally prepared. Teenagers should understand that there are physical, psychological and emotional effects that come with sex. They should also be taught that the choices they make now can affect them later in life. Possibly treating teenagers as adults, with respect for their intelligence and decision making ability can help where other methods have so far failed to stem the tide of teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases in the US. Research show that teens who feel close to their parents are the most likely to abstain from sex as teenagers. If they do have sex, they wait until they’re older, have fewer partners, and use contraception. In conclusion, being a teen and sexually active is improper. Being sexually active can cause you to get a sexually transmitted disease. Teen girls can also end up getting pregnant and not finishing high school. Teenagers shouldn’t have sex because they are not emotionally prepared to be sexually active or to go through all the consequences that come with teen sex. Works Cited Facts on American Teens Sexual and Reproductive Health. Guttmacher Institute: Home Page. N. p. , n. d. Web. 11 Oct. 2011. . Lowen, A Linda. Ten Facts on Teen Pregnancy in the United States Teenage Pregnancy Rates in the US Teen Mothers. Womens Issues All About Womens Issues. N. p. , n. d. Web. 20 Sept. 2011. . Reduceobesity. Is Your Teen Ready for Sex? DrLauraMarkham (Dr. Laura Markham). Wellness. com Your guide to the best of health and wellness. N. p. , n. d. Web. 22 Sept. 2011. . SADD Statistics. Welcome to SADD. N. p. , n. d. Web. 20 Sept. 2011. . STDs Teens: A Reality Check. Better Homes and Gardens Home Decorating, Remodeling and Design Ideas, Gardening, Recipes. N. p. , n. d. Web. 15 Sept. 2011. . Teen Sex Statistics stats, teen sex facts, info on Teen Sex. Troubled Teen Help Military Boarding Schools. N. p. , n. d. Web. 22 Sept. 2011. .